Bampton and District Local History Society

Yvonne Grundy's "A History of Bampton"

In 1967 Yvonne Grundy (Yvonne Ostle as she then was) was 12 years old and in Year 8 at Tynefield School in Penrith. Tynefield was a girls’ school that became part of Ullswater College. As a school project she wrote a ‘History of Bampton’ which she has kept and has agreed to put on our website.

View/Download Yvonne's ‘History of Bampton’ - 5MB PDF.

Yvonne still lives in Bampton and is an active member of the Bampton Local History Society.

Yvonne Grundy
Yvonne Grundy today with her ‘History of Bampton’
Yvonne Grundy's History of Bampton front cover
The front cover of Yvonne's ‘History of Bampton’.