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    Oral history

    This page describes our oral history recording.

    If you have memories of Burnbanks that you would like recorded or know of someone we should talk to, please contact Caz Walker.

    Please do not copy this material without permission. Contact us by email on "burnbanks at bampton-history.org.uk" for more information.


    The aim is to record an oral history from people who have lived in or visited Burnbanks, from its early days to the present. Interviews will be recorded on suitable storage media, and if possible transcribed and made available on the web (with agreement from the interviewee).
    • A list of potential interviewees is being compiled though press publicity, an open day, word of mouth and Internet contact.
    • The interviews will be done in quiet surrounding using a MiniDisc recorder.
    • The MiniDisc recordings will be copied onto computer as a backup (if possible in digital form).
    • If time permits, the recording will be transcribed.
    • The transcription will be checked by the interviewee for accuracy.
    • If permission given, the whole interview or excerpts will be made available on this web site, possibly censored if anything contentious included.
    We have consulted the North West Sound Archive and visited the Ambleside Oral History Group (13/3/04) and received helpful advice from both. We have had meetings to discuss how to proceed and use the equipment.

    We are using two MiniDisc recorders, already owned by members of the History Group. The recordings are currently copied to computer using an analogue cable, stored in WAV form and also converted to MP3 format (64kpbs 44kHz - FM radio quality) to put on the web.


  • Two MiniDisc recorders
  • Yoga EM-400 notfound to be very good
  • Very cheap tabletop microphone from local supermarket
  • Handout from North West Sound Archive
  • How to use MiniDisc recorder sheet
  • Guidelines and interview topics
  • Computer with recording software
  • We would like to get or borrow a MiniDisc recorder with an SPDIF digital output. A 3.5mm mini-plug jack converter TOSLINK cable will be used to connect to an SPDIF digital input on a computer. Possible cabling.

    Assuming that permission is obtained, we intend to make the full recordings available online in a suitable file format, and possibly shorter snapshot sections of the interview. We will investigate how to provide audio output with a simultaneous display of the transcription (ie like sub-titles).

    Some people we have contacted do not wish to be interviewed.
    Others do not want their voice to be heard.

    If an interview can only be done over the telephone, then we will research to see if this possible.

    Links: Oral History Society


    3 November 2005.

    Interview 1: Sylvia Hindmarch
    Interviewee: Sylvia Hindmarch
    Interviewer: Caz Walker
    Date: 5 May 2004
    Length: 55 minutes
    Transcription: Transcription DOC 78kB
    Audio file: MP3 26MB

    Interview 2: Bobbie Eastham
    Interviewee: Bobbie Eastham
    Interviewer: Maureen Cummings
    Date: 17 June 2004
    Length: 51 minutes
    Transcription: Transcription DOC 106kB
    Audio file: MP3 24MB

    Interview 3: June Nanson
    Interviewee: June Nanson
    Interviewer: Sylvia Hindmarch
    Date: 26 July 2004
    Length: 12 minutes
    Transcription: Transcription DOC 30kB
    Audio file: MP3 6MB

    Interview 4: Raymond Holliday
    Interviewee: Raymond Holliday
    Interviewer: Sylvia Hindmarch
    Date: 26 July 2004
    Length: 22 minutes
    Transcription: Transcription DOC 45kB
    Audio file: MP3 10MB

    Interview 5: Betty Jewell and Joyce Aran
    Interviewees: Betty Jewell, Joyce Aran
    Interviewer: Caz Walker
    Date: 28 November 2004
    Length: 77 minutes
    Transcription: Transcription DOC 170kB
    Audio file: MP3 37MB

    Interview 6: John Graham
    Interviewee: John Graham
    Interviewer: Christine Gillespie
    Date: 30 November 2004
    Length: 37 minutes
    Transcription: Transcription DOC 80kB
    Audio file: MP3 18MB

    Interview 7: Bill Rawlings
    Interviewee: Bill Rawlings
    Interviewer: Caz Walker
    Date: 3 December 2004
    Length: 76 minutes
    Transcription: Transcription DOC 84kB
    Audio file: MP3 36MB

    Interview 8: Walter Twigg
    Interviewee: Walter Twigg
    Interviewer: Caz Walker
    Date: 3 December 2004
    Length: 40 minutes
    Transcription: Transcription DOC 112kB
    Audio file: MP3 19MB

    Interview 9: Audrey Parkin
    Interviewee: Audrey Parkin
    Interviewer: Maureen Cummings
    Date: 4 December 2004
    Length: 42 minutes
    Transcription: Transcription DOC 85kB
    Audio file: MP3 20MB

    Interview 10: Chris Holme
    Interviewee: Chris Holme
    Interviewer: Maureen Cummings
    Date: 4 December 2004
    Length: 38 minutes
    Transcription: Transcription DOC 85kB
    Audio file: MP3 18MB

    Interview 11: Dave Shackleton
    Interviewee: Dave Shackleton
    Interviewer: Caz Walker
    Date: 10 December 2004
    Length: 26 minutes
    Transcription: Transcription DOC 50kB
    Audio file: MP3 11MB

    Interview 12: Angus and Margaret Edkins
    Interviewee: Angus and Margaret Edkins
    Interviewer: Pat Garside
    Date: 15 December 2004
    Length: 80 minutes
    Transcription: Transcription DOC 135kB
    Audio file: MP3 37MB

    Interview 13: Margaret Pearson
    Interviewee: Margaret Pearson
    Interviewer: Alison Jones
    Date: 21 January 2005
    Length: 48 minutes
    Transcription: Transcription DOC 72kB
    Audio file: MP3 23MB

    Interview 14: Tom Moore
    Interviewee: Tom Moore
    Interviewer: Bob Dickman
    Date: 24 February 2005
    Length: 34 minutes
    Transcription: Transcription DOC 50kB
    Audio file: MP3 16MB

    Interview 15: Nick Paxman
    Interviewee: Nick Paxman
    Interviewer: Caz Walker
    Date: 19 October 2005
    Length: 40 minutes
    Transcription: Transcription DOC 64kB
    Audio file: MP3 19MB

    Written Interview 16: Mairghead MacColl-Sharp
    Interviewee: Mairghead MacColl-Sharp
    Arranged by: Patricia Garside
    Letter Dated: 29 April 2004
    Transcription: Draft DOC 62kB

    Interview 16: Arthur Cannon
    Interviewee: Arthur Cannon
    Interviewer: Caz Walker
    Date: 31 August 2006
    Length: 102 minutes
    Transcription: Transcription DOC 140kB
    Audio file: MP3 39MB

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